This device serves as the both as the “brains” and the power of your multi-room audio system..  It is capable of providing audio to 8 different rooms or “zones of your house from 8 Different sources.   It can also work in conjunction with a High Definition Video Matrix Switch to provide distributed video as well.

Picture of 8 Zone Audio Controller-Amplifier

8 Zone Audio Controller-Amplifier

Features Include:

  •  This unit as the both the “brains” and “power of your whole house audio/video system. It is extremely easy to use and is very reliable and is designed for long term service.
  • This unit provides audio to up to 8 different rooms or zones from up to 8 different audio sources connected to the system.
  • This Unit connects to system keypads located in the different rooms throughout the house. The keypads are very easy to use and require very little instruction to operate.
  • This unit can also be connected to your home network and have the entire system controlled through an easy to use iPhone / iPad App.
  • This unit has a built in internal AM/FM tuner that allows for preset stations and RDS data (Station, Song, title etc.) data to be displayed on system keypads.
  • This unit features high quality digital amplifiers that provides 40 watts of power per channel to 6 zones and has low level outputs for external amplifiers to power a 7th and 8th zone.
  • This unit also has sleep timer and alarm functionality.

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