Nextec only uses quality interconnect Cables that have been proven over many years. Quality Interconnect cables are important for signal quality and reliability.

Audio-Video Interconnect Cables

HDMI Cables:  This popular  interconnect cable carries both Video and Audio Signals in a digital format on a single cable.  It has evolved over time with different revisions that provide for upgraded functionality and speed.  It is best for shorter interconnect distances.

Component Video Cables:  This an analog high definition video interconnect that actually carries video signals over 3 different cables.   The ends of the cables are equipped with RCA style connectors.  Sometimes the cable “assembly” comes with 5 cables which not only includes the 3 video cables but 2 cables for analog stereo audio

VGA Cables:  This is an analog video interconnect cable commonly associated with connecting computers and monitors.  In the Audio-Video world it also commonly used in Video surveillance systems and Conference Room Systems.  It is distinguished by the 15 pin connector ends.

Composite Video Cables:  This is an analog video cable that carries the full video signal over a single coaxial style cable that offers limited resolution (480i).  This interconnect features RCA style ends

Optical (TOSlink) Audio Cables:  This digital audio interconnect utilizes a  fiber optic connection.  It is used to carry various audio formats between devices (Such as AV reciever and Blu-Ray Player).

Analog Stereo Audio Cables:  This common analog audio interconnect consists of 2 different coaxial style cables that carries the left and right channel Audio information for 2 channel stereo.  It features RCA style connector ends.

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