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There is nothing more important than the security of your family and your home.

Professionally Installed And Monitored Home Security Systems

Nextec offers solutions that go well beyond the standard security system to provide enhanced protection against intrusion and provide life safety and environmental protection.

Multiple Layers of Intrusion Protection

  • Door & Window Contacts

  • Dual Technology Motion Sensors

  • Driveway Alerts

  • Dual Technology Glass Break Sensors

  • Wireless Sensors

Multiple Layers of Life Safety/Environmental Monitoring Protection

  • Communicating Smoke and Fire Detectors

  • Carbon Monoxide/Gas Detectors

  • Water/Flood Sensors
  • Low Temperature Sensors

Monitoring and Notification

  • 24x7x365 professional monitoring services for your home. Monitoring includes burglary, fire, poisonous gas, water and more.

  • Nextec Clients can get direct immediate alerts/alarms from their home security system via text/SMS messages, phone calls and app notifications.

  • Nextec Home Security Systems can also check on the status and control their home security system from anywhere in the world


Our team of experienced professionals works with clients as long term partners. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, professional image and deep technical talent. You can be assured that you will get the right solution, done the right way, and at a fair price.

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