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Our residential customers throughout Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin have found that our home security camera systems offer them protection and peace of mind.

Customized Around Your Specific Needs

Whether is for security and property protection, checking on the kids or just seeing who is at the front door, Nextec can provide a security camera system that fits your needs

Multiple Viewing Options

Nextec offers Home Security Camera systems that allow you to review either live or recorded video from your cameras from smartphones, tablets, computers and TV’s . Even though camera systems  are becoming more feature rich, Nextec makes sure that the interface is simple and reliable for our customers.

Remote access From Anywhere in the World

Our customers like the ability to watch either live or recorded video from their cameras, not only at home, but from anywhere in the world via a secure internet connection. Whether at home or on vacation, you can always have the peace of mind of knowing what is going on at your home.

The Right Cameras for the Job

Nextec  Systems offers ultra high definition cameras, cameras with several different night vision technologies , PTZ  (Pan / Tilt / Zoom) camera’s that you can remotely control and everything in between. Nextec has the experience and expertise for proper placement and configuration that is critical to ensure the best footage day or night.


Our team of experienced professionals works with clients as long term partners. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, professional image and deep technical talent. You can be assured that you will get the right solution, done the right way, and at a fair price.

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