Nextec only uses quality audio, video, and data connectors from industry leading manufacturers. Reliable connectors are important for signal quality and reliability.

Audio-Video-Data Connectors


Description of Audio-Video-Data Connectors (From Left To Right)

 F Connector: This Connector is used on the end of coaxial type cables and utilizes both a signal and Ground Connection.  It is commonly used for RF signals (Broadband)  such as off-the-air or cable television

 RCA Connector:  Similar to the F connector, the RCA connector is used on coaxial type cable and utilizes both signal and ground connections.  However, it is most frequently used for baseband video and audio.

RJ45 Connector:  This connector is utilized on the end of cat 5e/6 cable and is commonly found in data networking, IP phone, and control applications.

BNC Connector:  A BNC Connector is very similar to the RCA connector with the difference that it has a twisting lock mechanism to help secure the connector to devices.  This is frequently used in video surveillance and commercial applications.

Banana Plug: This is a single conductor with a banana shaped end comprised of spring metal.  This connector is typically used to connect speakers to devices such as Audio-Video Receivers.

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