Nextec Systems offers a wide variety of custom Equipment Racks and accessories for Audio/Video, Networking, Structured Cabling, Video Surveillance and other technology systems.

Custom Audio-Video Equipment Rack


  • A Custom Equipment rack is a very important part of the overall project.  It provides proper cooling for all of your equipment.  It provides for proper wire management which is important for the overall safety and performance of the system.  It is important to not compromise on a proper racking system that meets the needs of the current system and allows for expansion
  • The rack is specifically sized and components spec’d to your particular equipment and needs.
  • Wide variety of thermal management components including rack shelves, fan systems and vent systems
  •  Wide variety of wire management products including Horizontal Lacer Bars, Vertical Lace Strips, Cable Trays and More
  • There is a wide variety of power, specialty shelving options, and other accessories available.

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