This unit serves as the “brains” of your homes Security / Life safety Features.  This controller is a UL Listed for security and fire systems.  It can detect intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide, water, and other hazards with wired or wireless sensors.

omni Controller


  • This system is simple to understand and operate; Even young children can learn and understand basic features of these systems.
  • This system may be accessed and controlled from within or away from home through interfaces such as keypads and touchscreens, telephone or computers,  or “apps” from anywhere in the world.
  • This system is capable of interfacing with and controlling your homes lighting by schedule, motion detected, door openings, sunrise, sunset, alarm activation/deactivation and more.
  • With this system, in conjunction with system thermostats, you may control your home’s temperatures through your system by schedule and activity – such as alarm status, room occupancy, or outdoor temperature.
  • This system can also be integrated with Nextec multi-room audio systems.
  • This unit has five built-in serial ports and an Ethernet port to allow expansion of your system and “integrating” with other systems.
  • This system utilizes embedded controller technology, a technology that has been proven to be reliable with decades of use.
  • This Unit has 16 hardwired zones and can be expanded to 176 wired and wireless zones, 176 Communicating smoke detectors, 64 communicating thermostats, and 16 keypads.


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