Motion Detectors are a very common sensor in both commercial and residential security systems. There are several variations including.

Motion Sensors

Left: Pet Immune Motion Detector. Right: Ceiling Mounted Motion Detector


Dual Technology Motion Sensor: These motion sensors combine both PIR (passive infrared radar) and microwave technologies. In order for a motion alarm to occur both the PIR and microwave sensors must trip. This reduces the probability of false alarms as PIR sensors detect temperature changes and microwave detects motion.

Pet Immune Motion Detectors:  These motion detectors have the ability to “filter Out” out movement from pets below a certain weight. While we would consider the pet immunity weight specifications as a general rule, they seem to work well.

Ceiling Mounted Motion Sensors: As opposed to the traditional corner mounted surface motion sensors, these are mounted on the ceiling and provide a 360 degree coverage area. These are a Nextec favorite.

Wired Motion Sensors: These motion sensors are connected to the security system via cabling. These are a great choice for new construction and extensive remodels.

Wireless Motion Sensors: These motion sensors are communicate with the security systems via a wireless radio frequency (RF) signal. They also require a battery and are a good choice for retrofit applications.

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