Many people with security systems in the area pay monthly monitoring fees of $20-30 dollars a month or more. While having central station monitoring may be the best choice for some people, many Nextec customers choose to have their security systems call them and their family and friends directly. Not only does this save them money every month, but we often set them up with functionality that a “standard security system” does not have.

  • Many of our customers get a phone call or text alarm if the temperature drops below a certain point indicating there is a furnace problem (which is very common up here)
  • Many of our customers have water sensors in areas around an upstairs laundry room, and will get an alert if there is a water pipe issue that could do major damage to their home.
  •   Most of our customers have the ability to remotely arm and disarm their security systems from their iPhone or Android based phones, allowing authorized people into their houses and then rearmed when they are gone (such as house cleaners, contractors and family/friends checking on your home while you are vacation)

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